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At all our practitioners have spent significant time in the IT Industry deploying processes & frameworks across the service value chain. Indeed DevOps has been the cream of the soup these days & we have made an earnest effort to try & understand its offering to IT. We are writing a series of articles on how DevOps is making a difference & how you & your organization can adopt such an inclusive experience in transitioning your IT practices.

What is PRINCE2 ?

PRINCE2®, an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments, in fact, is a process-based method to manage any project effectively.

One of the frequently-used project management methods, PRINCE2® is used by many people and organizations from various sectors and industries. It is practical, flexible, and innovative. Whatever project it may be, whether it is about constructing a flyover, developing software, or even putting forward an advertising campaign, the themes, processes, and principles of PRINCE2®  will help you realize all of them. This method belongs to the public domain.

PRINCE2® (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a project management methodology that follows a process based approach for providing scalable and tailored solutions for all types of projects. The standard has been developed by the Government of United Kingdom and is used internationally in all IT environments. PRINCE2® allows making best use of the proven practices encompassing various industrial backgrounds. As such, it defines the decision making points and documentation templates for the whole project. The PRINCE2® certification consists of two exams, Foundation and Practitioner that enable project team members to better judge and interact with project requirements.

The PRINCE2® certification has been continuously developed to suit changing international standards. The course material therein can contribute significantly to the individual’s recognition as an expert project management professional. More number of professionals are looking to benefit from the certification in more than one way. It is the most valued accreditation used extensively within the UK and several multinational corporate.

PRINCE2® is not a “waterfall” methodology or a “silver bullet” solution or a ‘one size fits all’ solution; it is a project management framework that can readily be tailored to any size or type of project.

PRINCE2® is a principles-driven project management methodology.PRINCE2® is based on seven principles, seven themes and seven processes.

Benefits of PRINCE2 certification:

Listed below are some of the benefits of achieving a online PRINCE2® certification:

Gain the best-in-class Project Management skills

Getting a PRINCE2® certification helps professionals enhance their Project Management skills. The aim of this certification is to make you capable of managing projects successfully. PRINCE2® allows you to control resources and risks as it uses a common language, systems, and procedures.

Acknowledged worldwide

PRINCE2® is considered as an essential Project Management standard. This certification is valued by most of the companies of the public as well as private sector across the world. Professionals with PRINCE2® certification are preferred for initiating, monitoring, managing, and executing the projects.

Better salary prospects

PRINCE2® certification gives you the opportunity to hone your skills so that you can command a better salary. Companies consider PRINCE2® as one of the most important benchmarks for hiring project managers and hence provide lucrative salaries to certified professionals. According to Payscale, PRINCE2® certified professionals earn an average salary of $97,000 in the U.S.

Easy to pursue

You can pursue the PRINCE2® certification without neglecting your daily routine. Compared to other certifications; it is less time consuming and requires lesser effort to comprehend the concepts. PRINCE2® certification generally involves three qualifying levels, and all are easy to complete.

Feel confident about running any kind of project

Achieving a PRINCE2® certification helps you understand the whole end to end process and the best practices that project managers use. This gives professionals the confidence to run any kind of projects and look forward to new challenges involved in them.

Global career opportunities

If you have always aimed to work at a foreign location, then getting a PRINCE2® certification is the perfect choice for you. PRINCE2® certification is recognized globally as a crucial qualification and employers look for it when hiring candidates.

Global career opportunities

PRINCE2® Certification Reasons

1. Industry Standard

2. More Employable

3. Doesn’t take too much time

4. Earn More Money

5. Doesn’t have arbitrary prerequisites

6. Open Global Doors

7. Higher Success Rates for Projects

8. Work on Projects of a Larger Size

9. Work in any industry

10. Delivery Confidence

Themes of Prince2® certification

A theme is PRINCE2® is an area of project management that must be tended to consistently all through the undertaking. There are 7 themes in PRINCE2® and these themes are facilitated into each of the 7 processes. This is one of the characteristics of PRINCE2®. Though the PRINCE2 depict an ordered way to deal with what must be done on a project, the PRINCE2® topics offer a topical methodology.

Business case: As a minimum, they would need to be some form of business justification even if this were not expressed in a formal Business Case. The objective of a business case is to decide whether the project is desirable, viable and achievable.

 Organization: comes are cross-functional, so the normal line function structures are not suitable. Describe roles and responsibilities within the temporary PRINCE2 project management team needed to manage the project effectively. Define and establish the project’s structure of responsibleness and responsibilities.

Quality: Quality Theme identified with the emphasis on the principles of the products. are the Standard of products appropriate the purpose?

Risk: Identity, assess and control uncertainty

 Planning: The minimum would be Product Descriptions for the key deliverables and a simple plan, in the form of a schedule of who is involved in producing, reviewing and approving products, together with key milestones. This is often referred to as a product checklist. How, Where, Why, Who, When, How Much?

Change: Change Theme is about taking care of the progress on demand and issues that emerge amid the project. Identify, access and manage potential and approved modified to the base-lined objectives.

Progress: Address the ongoing viability of the plans. Explain the decision-making method for approving plans, watching of actual performance and increase method if events don’t go in step with arranging. Monitor and evaluate actual achievements with the Achievements. offers trainings & certification programs in ITIL® 4, DevOps, PRINCE2®, PMP®, AgileSHIFT, AWS Cloud, Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Data Science (Statistics + Machine Learning), Professional Scrum Master, Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®), Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM), COBIT®, TOGAF®, Six Sigma All Levels, and many more trainings in leading business practices & emerging technologies, endorsed by leading global professional bodies is Associated with PeopleCert & offers:

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