difference between pmp and prince2

Difference between PMP and PRINCE2

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Difference between PMP and PRINCE2

What is PMP® ?

PMP® or Project Management Professional is a project manager certification, offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®).  Project Management Professional is the gold standard of project management and is the most desired as well as recognized professional certificate for Project Management.

A Project Management Professional is an experienced project manager who is certified and trained to direct teams toward a project goal. Being PMP® certified is recommended as it helps project managers in their career growth by making them eligible to apply for the best roles in the top companies globally. They stay abreast with the new technologies, network with other certified colleagues of their same field, and stumble upon the best projects prospects.

PMPs lead projects in almost every country, without focusing on a particular geography or domain, making PMP® truly global.

PMP certified project managers have a standardized set of skills. These project managers are expected to undertake projects on different system reorganizations, turn strategic visions into tangible goals and ensure effective and acceptable outcomes, all while balancing various project constraints.

If you are PMP Certified, you get to enjoy more than a few life changing benefits. Some of them are:

  • Utility across various industries
  • Improves Team Work and people orientation
  • Enhances Risk Management Skills
  • Provides you the opportunity for Continuous Learning
  • Refines your problem-solving skills
  • Makes you more responsible
  • Upgrades your leadership quality
  • Provides you an edge over non-PMPs
  • Gives you a platform for worldwide recoganization
  • Boosts up your salary

Benefits of PMP certification:

Project Management is a challenging career, and as a PMP® certified practitioner, you will be able to face and overcome new challenges. There are various benefits that a PMP® certified professional comes across. To name a few: 

  • Being PMP® certified will give your career an extra boost by making you eligible for the best roles in the top companies globally.
  • Those with a PMP® certification garner a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP® certification.
  • The rigorous training and coursework of PMP® will help you to increase your versatility and expand your skill set.
  • Being PMP® certified add credibility to your resume, making you stand out than the rest of the candidates.
  • There is a global community for PMP certification holders where you can reach out to other project managers of the same field across the globe, helping you to expand your market and scope while at the same time, keep yourself up to date with the technology.
  • PMP® certified project managers get hold of better job opportunities as they have knowledge, experience, and training for the same. They showcase better performance as compared to the non-certified managers.
  • The standards for PMP® exams are higher than the other project management exams. With your skills and knowledge, you can work in a much more efficient manner.
  • Being PMP® Certified can help you get challenging roles as the certification signifies your dedication to project management. Also, you will be trained to face such challenges in your day to day life.
difference between pmp and prince2

Difference between PMP® and PRINCE2®

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam and PRINCE2® are completely different approaches to looking at Project Management They are both complementary to each other and there is NO OVERLAP PMC recommends that a leader needs to undergo PMP® credential as well as PRINCE2® credential to become a complete Project Manager

  • PMP® credential is bottom-up focus
  • PRINCE2® is top-down focus
  • PMP® exam focuses on Project Manager mainly and his role and responsibility
  • PRINCE2® believes that it is not just the Project Manager who is responsible for a project success.Other entities such as Vendors, Executives, Business analysts, Client Partners, Supplier Teams are also covered in detail
  • PMP® credential is Tools and Techniques focusedYou will learn approximately 300 tools and techniques
  • PRINCE2® is a end-to-end project management methodologyYou will learn a end to end methodology
  • PMP® certification answers the questions “How do you do things”
  • PRINCE2® answers the question “What and when to do things”
  • PMP® certification deals with tools and techniques. No recommendations on the document formatsCovers Document formats and recommendations on how to write various documents practically
  • PMP® certificate recognizes PRINCE2. One who attends PRINCE2 course is awarded 36 contact hours towards maintaining PMP® credential
  • PRINCE2® recognizes PMP®. Anyone who is PMP® certified is exempted from appearing for PRINCE2® foundation examination
  • PMP® examination is conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • PRINCE2® is by Cabinet Office, UK
  • PMP – The tools and techniques are known worldwide
  • PRINCE2® methodology is used widely in Europe, UK and common wealth countries. The methodology is generic and used with different usage of terms and terminologies in USA and other countries

Which is Beneficial:

It all depends on what you value most with project management certification:

If you would like to gain in competency/knowledge in the field of project management, either certification will help you a lot. I started out the journey in project management education in the hope of making me a better project manager (as the company I am working in does not practise PRINCE2® or PMP®). I have learnt a lot during my quest for knowledge and I am now more confident as a project manager.If you would like to gain competitive edge with project management certification, you are highly advised to understand the employment requirements for project management practitioners in your location (or areas that you would like to move to). For example, if you reside and work in the Europe, PRINCE2® is a no-brainer. If you are in the US, you are highly advised to go for the PMP®. Also, the companies you would like to work in would also show some preferences on the type of project management certification, in particular, MNC (multi-national corporations).

Also, as PMP® requires you to have at least 4,500 hours of experience leading and directing projects, if you are just fresh project management graduates, you may consider the entry level certification of PMP® — CAPM®.

Why not both: PMP® and PRINCE2®?

Since PRINCE2® is about setting the project management framework to effectively manage projects while PMP® focuses on the detailed skills and knowledge for the various project management processes throughout the project management lifecycle, PRINCE2® and PMP® are actually complementary to each other (thought there maybe some contradictions but these are rare and as both PRINCE2® and PMP® can be “tailored”, those differences can be resolved easily). As an example, the PMBOK® Guide covers resources management (including descriptions on human resources interpersonal soft skills) while PRINCE2® describes change control approach in much more details — by implementing the essences of both PMP® and PRINCE2® knowledge, projects can be managed in a more holistic approach and there is much greater chance of achieving project success!

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